Somerville Spirit Revival, or Rise of the Blanket People (blague stijl)

Check it out. You might have noticed I haven’t posted anything new since like last November, but that’s cool because I’m posting something now. Right? That doesn’t really matter anyway since I still managed to have a good time during the interlude—I even took some pictures—but you’ll have to wait until later to find out because this post is dedicated to one of my highlights of last year, which concerns the events in Somerville, TX on the weekend of November 10.

Ronnie, Alex, Jason, I, Miranda and Brenda (henceforward referred to as RAJIMB—or maybe not) all packed into two cars and made the ninety mile trek to Brenda’s majestic family hunting lodge out in Somerville, TX. The house itself used to be owned by a church mission or something which is why there was a large additional dining room and a back room that had like fifteen beds. Behind the house is a nice big covered porch with a lighting and fans and stuff. There’s an acre of cleared land surrounding the house and an additional three or four acres of wooded land with a little trail running through it complete with a couple old abandoned cars and dozens of empty bread wrappers strewn throughout. That’s okay though because we didn’t come to see the land, really. We came to do lots of psychedelic drugs and sleep in tents.

I guess we showed up out there Friday night. The weather was gorgeous and the sky was totally clear. Plopped down on blankets and looked at the Milky Way and tripped. Along the way a tiny feral dog (who we named Simple Jack) appeared out of nowhere and seemed ecstatic to have found us and ran in circles around us for a few minutes. Pretty soon though we started making fun of it for being stupid and fiendishly ugly. In retrospect I wish I had gotten a picture but I was out of my mind on drugs. Just take my word for it, the dog was ugly. In fact it stuck around until dawn giving everyone a clear look at its nasty face. Looked like a pug mixed with a Japanese Chin or something.

Anyway, the next day I decided to pull out my camera and started gettin’ some photos. Here’s Ronnie, near the apex of his beard growth (if you’ve seen him recently it has been trimmed so it’s like an inch or two long now):

Cool. Here are some other photos from that Saturday:

Note that Jason was recovering from shaving his beard for Halloween.

Alex brought a few kites but it just wasn’t quite windy enough to keep them in the air, unfortunately.

That is not a Blue Angel tumbling into the ground behind Alex—it’s his kite, which was awesome but it didn’t fly as well as the real thing.

There was a large felled tree behind the house which we used to build a fire. Here are Ronnie and Alex being all manly and shit and cutting that shit up with an axe:

But wait! A fuzzy caterpillar!

We went out into the woods surrounding the house to look around. Here’s an abandoned car that was pockmarked with .22 caliber punctuation and the inside was full of racks from a bakery and empty bread wrappers. I get the bullet holes but still not sure about the bread.

Here’s a cactus and a few of all those bread wrappers.

We located a couple of machetes in the woods and used them to fuck up a couple of pumpkins that were unfortunate enough to be around the house.

We built a fire pit out of cinder blocks that were scattered around the lot. It turned out pretty well! We used the leaves from the dead tree as kindling.

Happy times.

The interior of the house was pretty archaic looking. I took this picture in the bathroom so everyone could see the fuzzy wallpaper. That golden-colored pattern had a velvet-like texture. It was bizarre.

Also the house was decorated with ratty stuffed animals. Here’s a couple posing on the moss-green shag carpet (jeeze).

While I was taking this photo Simple Jack poked his head into the front door so Brenda and I had to usher him outside. The next day, we made a trip down to Walmart some miles away to get a few things. Once we got back we started getting dinner ready, and so we fired up the grill. Here’s Miranda with some kind of cylindrical fruit cut into sections and allowed to soak in oil and spices:

Here’s Alex next to the tubers:

Meanwhile the rest of us sat on the back porch and Ronnie entertained us with his fledgling guitar skills (pro tip: having a beard makes you a better guitar player).

Firing up the grill:

Ronnie graciously allowed me to set him alight to take this striking photograph:

Whoa I even got a picture of myself during the trip! Ha ha I love pictures of myself because I’m incredibly vain. In fact, there’s even a picture of me on my shirt!

That night, we had hoped to have another fire. We started it, but just after sunset it started raining and later it got cold. Damn. Good thing we had that big covered porch. Here’s Ronnie leaning to one side:

This table served as our surrogate campfire. Note the glowsticks everywhere (yeah we were all totally messed up on drugs).

So yeah. I have a lecture class which seems to be a perfect venue for me to update my blog, so watch out for some additional new content now that I have the time.

The Halloween that Hallowas and tips for surviving the start of Daylight Savings Time

I still have loads and loads of pictures from all kinds of shows and parties and whatnot but for now I’ll just try to clear out Halloween. I showed up at the Free Thinkers house zombified, along with the Duhs. I recycled my Ferris Bueller but the zombie makeup was something of an afterthought. Anyway Miranda did a good job.

Brenda and Miranda decided to do zombie Disney™®© princesses. It was awesome but I didn’t take a lot of pictures of other people’s costumes—there weren’t a lot–but Snake Plisskin was one of the better ones I saw. You’ll have to take my word for it. Anyway JD didn’t want to be outdone by Miranda so here’s his slutty scientist:

Yeah I love pictures like these. But also Say Girl Say played and I kinda came to see them. They got all painted up and it kinda reminded me of those villagers from “Beyond the Thunderdome.” I think like all of the rest of the pictures I took were of them. Ha.

If you know me you know I love to geek out about Say Girl Say. I also like taking pictures, so it’s a good combination when I take pictures of them.

I was in front of this super short girl, so I switched spots with her and took most of these pictures over her head. I hope she didn’t mind too much. Anyway there isn’t a lot I have to say about these photos except I friggin’ love these guys. And this show was awesome. Nothing like being packed in a room of sweaty people to hear them play!

Someone was making a video so I was able to get a few shots without the flash on.

This one caught someone else’s flash I think and I fooled around with it and the next one in Photoshop a little to get more detail. There wasn’t a lot of light to be had.

Here’s the top of that girl’s head:

Here’s one of those “hold the camera above your head and pray” shots:

Kali made an appearance. I really couldn’t get a lot of angles because the room was just completely packed.

Ah those beads! Love you guys so hard!!! Feather people!

Yeah so I had a blast obviously and if these pictures are any indication everyone else was having fun too. Friggin’ awesome. Anyway it is such a nice day outside I can’t stick around to write more. —pdubz r. mcsplosion iii, dfa dds ssg pbs

Halloween time!

Decided to take a break from not writing my blog to tell everyone ’bout my weekend. Since it’s, you know, Halloween and all and that’s like totally my favorite time of year. Because costumes, obviously (and it’s the only time you can get away with huffing spray paint out of a paper bag since people thing it’s just a gag). My weekend started on last Thursday night at the Down Together potluck. The food was awesome and so was everyone there (no big surprise). These little girls were dancing with their mom:

You’ll notice Andrew got his hair cut (if you don’t know Andrew never mind) and Margee looks a little pissed for some reason.

Not sure what’s going on here but I love this picture. Also happy birthdays to Matt and Andrew who both keep getting older.

Anyway there was also some pumpkin carving going on so I took photos of that. One says “FUCK IT” and the other says “still chill” and the last one is busted to pieces sadly.

Okay. So now fast forward to the next night, where I debuted my Ferris Bueller costume. I’m not ashamed to admit my mom helped with the hair (mousse is hard to work with y’all). This was at Adylle’s place and I’m guessing a lot of people there were involved in bicycles in some way but I couldn’t say for sure. Anyway my fellow fotog Everett had a dead battery so I let him borrow my camera a couple times. Not 100% which ones he took (most were inside though IIRC). He’s got a Facebook page to showcase his pictures—it’s called Cheap Shots. I’m especially grateful because he got the only good picture of me in costume. Anyway here goes:


This is Matt who is in one of my classes and is generally awesome. Giraffes seemed to be in this year.

Soup Nazi:

Back outside this girl got a bottle of whiskey duct taped to her hand which was pretty amazing.

I think Everett took these.

Dashiki John (who is a meteorologist):

Here’s Mr. Everett himself pointing his fingers all over the place.

As you can see my costume is the best one:

Black-eyed “p”:

Okay okay okay so moving on from here we go to the Urth HAUS Halloween/housewarming party which was on Saturday. In case you don’t know this is a co-op in an old mansion out in the Med Center/Museum District area. I think like sixteen people are going to be living there (including my esteemed fellow bloggeur Dena—read her post about the party heeeere). I’ll just go into the pix. David was a 1920s strongman and Mattias was “Atlas Shrugged.” I heard he threw his globe (not pictured) at someone’s face on the dance floor but I missed it. Sad day.

Seems like everyone these days is getting into the Mexican Day of the Dead skull face painting thing. Gotta say it’s pretty tiring when you see like fifty people doing it but hey at least this guy is happy.

John was like a mugger or something.

Transvestite Mickey and banana Hugh Hefner excellence:

Here’s David modelling my awesome shades I used for my Bueller costume.

Not everyone was having fun (or mugging for the camera):

These clear masks with make up painted on just freak me out.

This picture is one of the best ones I got over the whole weekend:

Or is this one? I can’t decide. Sorry Makenzie but this is just too awesome of a shot:

Everyone wanted to pose with the crazy cat lady:

Mexican wrestler masks are a poor choice of costume if you wanna eat queso.

And who let all these old ladies over? They were drinking like all of the beer.

Photobombed by a dude with whiskers:

This picture is blue but I love it too much to fix it (especially how Kira is hustling by).

And this box (see bottom) had some amazing things inside:

Right well anyway just checking in. Decided to skip class today and wrote this blog post instead. Oh and hey if you aren’t doing anything tonight come out to the Houston Free Thinkers PARTY FOR PEACE. Because peace is fucking awesome and why wouldn’t you party for that (oh it’s Halloween also). Later y’all. —pdubz mcnasty, esq.


Okay. First a little background: I grew up just outside of the city of Philadelphia but I moved to Texas when I was eight. The floodplains and swamps and bayous I’ve come to consider as normal flew out the window when I went up to Philly with my folks (partly to see my extended family and partly to get a glimpse of fall).

For a bit of those fall colors we took a drive in our rental car (a Dodge Grand Caravan, which is a horrible excuse for a vehicle but that’s another story) to Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area. In case you weren’t aware, the Delaware River forms most of the border between New Jersey and Pennsylvania and it crosses through the Appalachian Mountains about a hundred miles north of Philadelphia—this is the water gap. Anyway we took the scenic route and I took a lot of photos, so check ‘em out. Here’s some silos and shit. These weren’t the oldest I saw and actually there were quite a few red barns with silos that looked very old-fashioned.

Most of the roads we were driving on looked like this (it was kinda terrifying):

Mostly this road was following the Delaware River, on a fairly steep hillside. You can see the guardrail, which was conspicuously missing in some places. At one point we were driving alongside the old canal, which was alongside the river and used mule power to pull barges loaded with coal and lumber and stuff in the nineteenth century. We stopped by a turn-off and saw an old lock. The canal itself was more or less dry and smelled really, really bad. Here’s some of the machinery on that lock:

And here’s looking down the canal. Kinda hard to see in this picture but it looks more or less like a really deep ditch alongside the road. Hard to believe it used to be a major economic thoroughfare.

Moving along, we made it to Easton, PA. Pretty much it looks like the intro to The Office although it’s a some ways southeast of Scranton. I took a picture of a mural of George Washington (?).

Also there were some cool old bridges and shit but I didn’t get any good pictures of them. All of them crossed the border into New Jersey anyway so that makes them automatically bad. We continued driving into the water gap area, which was very rugged and hilly. Also a lot of really rich-looking people live out there so whatever. Too bad their groundwater is contaminated.

Here’s my sister taking a photo:

And my mom taking a photo of my dad and sister:

I thought the cliffs across the river looked like a face. I borrowed my sister’s telephoto to take this one:

Later on we found a footbridge that crosses the river.

Here’s a view of the water gap itself, from the middle of the bridge:

… “Walk your bike” and check out the handicapped ramp to the pedestrian bridge, which was a really sturdy-looking steel and concrete affair which had a plaque that said it was made by the Boy Scouts (I guess they meant the plaque unless BSA has some badges I don’t know about).

Eventually we went to the park headquarters at the national recreation area. There was this cool boardwalk that went over a swamp right next to the headquarters building.

This dragonfly was chill as fuck and followed us from the parking lot.

This random millstone thing was in the parking lot no idea why:

Cool. So then we went to Bushkill Falls. There was a welcome center filled with stuffed animals for some reason. It was a little gross because some of them were dusty and cobwebby.

Anyway scenically this was the best part by far of my trip and it made the blind hairpin turns on a cliffside road totally worth it. I was having some fun with long exposure so I could capture the motion of the cascading water. Check it out:

The path started with this great view then meandered around, crossed the river a couple times, and went up to the top of that big falls.

This photo has a higher shutter speed so you can see what it looks like without all the freaky motion blur.

This guy was on the trailside and had a weird hole punch thing. Dunno what it was for exactly except as some kinda checkpoint. There were more, at least through A-H.

I looked at these nails for a while before finally deciding they didn’t spell out a word.

Didn’t forget the obligatory self-portrait. In this case better than a mirror (especially ’cause you can’t see my face).

Check out this gyre action (dat foam):

Ultimately we were probably a little too early for fall but that’s fine because it’s too cold for my liking anyway. The low tomorrow night is 34°F. Good thing I brought thermals.

Lastly, as it turns out my parents (many years ago) honeymooned in the Poconos and stopped by this very same park. I guess the place had probably only just been constructed at the time, judging by the patina on the cast concrete boulders around the falls, but I’m not an expert in that area. Anyway they posed for a picture next to this same silly bear so I took one of them today.


Oh man… Sorry for that one. Anyway I’ll be in Philadelphia through the weekend so I won’t get to make it to Countercrawl (sad day—but you have no excuse). I’m sure if you take a look at the inimitable, indispensable, and indubitably indefatigable words of my far more faithful sister blog, Pancho and Leftey, you’ll be able to get a full account of what went down there. PEACE Y’ALL.

Thursday a Week Ago: Or, Dispatches of an Addled Brain

Man so I need to keep up with my blog a little more. Gonna try to make this a quick post and maybe I’ll squeeze out another one later tonight. School has been keeping me a little busy and when I’m not reading about starving Brazilians or crack dealers in East Harlem I try to avoid things that require thinking. Just kidding… I rarely think.

Right, so I was at Mango’s for a free show (the best kind of show at Mango’s) in support of Coog Radio, which is a student-run streaming radio station for University of Houston. As a matter of fact, my friend Rahul has a show that’s on Friday evenings. Anywhey I got some more cool pictures of Josiah Gabriel (that’s a hard J for anyone who is wondering) whose sets I always enjoy. Projected behind him were some random clips from the late 1980s in like LA and then some old-school intros for Houston news broadcasts. Not sure what the story was with that but it was cool.

Later on I got some pictures of a great band called Roosevelt House Show. Wish I had seen these guys before because they were uh-mazing. Unfortunately—and if you know me you know I hate to complain—some dude decided he was going to make a video with his fancy setup and light and stand right in front of the stage… And every time I was about to take a picture his elbow got in my shot. Thanks a lot bro, you ruined about two thirds of the pictures I took because of your oblivious and obnoxious videography. Seriously, he walked right in front of me on a couple of occasions. I hope my flash messed up a lot of his footage, most of which was looking right up the noses and into the armpits/crotches of the band. Good job.

These guys blew my mind though for real. Particularly Mr. Tambourine Man who I believe was on drugs.

I’ll throw in a bonus picture of the sign outside the door.

And another bonus picture of when I went next door (that dollar cocktail night—yeesh) where I was pleasantly surprised to see my buddy E and some dude jamming out some quality tunes. E is pretty darn good at harmonica and I rarely get a chance to see him play it so it was awesome.

That’s it. Sorry for ranting, I’ve had a little too much coffee today. Maybe I’ll see you tonight at the Downtogether House for their monthly potluck—or at Avant Garden to see Shotgun Funeral (!!!) and The Trimms! Hell yeah. —pdub


Saturday past I went out to the Compound for the Houston Free ThinkersFor the Community 3. I didn’t stay too late but I didn’t spot any cops with shotguns so that was a plus. Anyway I went to the last For the Community event they had back in… May I guess. It’s a Saturday afternoon/evening festival of music with some local vendors. For some reason I took zero pictures of the vendors but they were selling things like fancy flavored waters and smoothies and voodoo dolls (you’ll have to take my word for it). I rolled in around five and missed the rain, but sadly the two outdoor stages were too damp so everyone who was playing had to share one area. No biggie, just had to deal with some concentrated awesomeness instead.

Along the way I ran into Michael Keaton, Natalie Portman and Scarlett Johansson, who told me they were in town filming a modern adaptation of Wuthering Heights:

All of the music was in that warehouse-looking building behind them. Saw Josiah Gabriel laying out some sick beats while NIKKHOO and somebody else (he was awesome but I forgot his name) and PersephOne destroyed everything with some amazing rapping. If you get a chance you should check these guys out.

Actually when I took this picture the guy on the left (whose name I forgot) mentioned it in the middle of his verse and kept going without missing a beat. It was funny.

I also saw Roberto AKA Flcon Fcker (how is that pronounced? I’ll let you use your imagination). Besides being a generally nice guy he’s a very entertaining musician and in fact won an award from Houston Press for best electronic act. As you can see, at this point it was getting dark, so I headed outside to see this(!):

Whoa she’s hula hooping with two flaming hoops! Crazy. I got some more pictures of her and someone else but they all turned out bad and I don’t want to share them. So, I’ll include a bonus picture of a dude I saw back in May at the compound for what I assume was For the Community 2.

Yeah, doesn’t look like the kind of guy you’d want to mess with since he can control fire like that. But that was in May. Back on Saturday, Josiah Gabriel started playing a solo set, so I went back inside and took some pictures. I had some fun with my camera flash and exposure settings, as well as listening to the music generally.

Whoa wait he turned see-through! This is because he is a mad scientist and can do that by manipulating sound.

Next up was Ancient Astronaut Theory, who started immediately afterward. I dunno if they actually believe aliens built the pyramids but I’m a fan of progressive rock and these guys. I’ve had the chance to see them play before (at Bohemeo’s I think) and it was just as excellent this time around. Check out that Star Wars tat on the drummer:

So that was good. Meanwhile outside it had gotten dry enough for Days N’ Daze, another favorite band of mine, to set up and play. It was a little crowded around them so I did that thing where I hold my camera above my head and hope I get a picture that turns out okay.

Someone else took a picture right after I did. Two flashes for the price of one! Cool. Meanwhile Josiah Gabriel was playing yet again, this time with PersephOne and it was pretty damn great. Again I was messing around with long exposure + flash.

So that was my night at The Compound. Thanks to everyone who came out and played and HFT for putting on such a good show. Also I’d like to mention this band called Nine Minutes (here’s their Facebook). They played just before I got out there but I had an interesting conversation with some of the band members and they gave me some beer and were some friendly and interesting dudes. So yeah. And no picture of me in a bathroom mirror this time but I did take a picture of my battle hat illuminated under black light.

I guess that’s it for this post. You can see what Dena and Makenzie were doing that night if you feel like it and also tonight there is some awesome stuff going on. Specifically, this art show and some sonic enrapturement (you know I’ll be there) and GardenFest where seminal Houston-based noise collective Get Your Dick Out of My Mom, Dad is playing. Now I’m gonna go dig some holes in my back yard. No rest for the wicked. —pdub

In which Houston Gets Sick

So, last Friday saw me at another awesome show that the incomparable Jeff Hunter invited me out to. It was sort of a compliment to Montrose Rock Revel I guess. Anyway I showed up to Super Happy Fun Land a little early and had to wait for a while before the show started but it was worth it. If you’ve never been to Super Happy Fun Land y’all should check it out sometime. It’s pretty funky but in a good way. Check out what Dena had to say about it on my indispensable sister blog. I don’t know what the story was with the bubbles but David (happy birthday again) was not enthusiastic about getting his picture taken with them at all so I had to settle for this one of Jennifer Beals, who made an unexpected appearance before the show.

Ha ha just kidding! It’s actually Makenzie (AKA “Leftey” for those of you keeping score). I was not very interested in bubbling though since tonight The Trimms were playing! Unfortunately I missed them at the Revel back in August but last week I was fortunate enough to meet their frontman Dillon, who is a particularly awesome dude overall. They were scheduled to come on first so I wandered in and got some photos and two earfuls of solid face melting. These guys are the real deal. If you haven’t gotten the chance to see them I really recommend you do so. Otherwise you need to see a therapist. I took a gazillion pictures and the lights were so pretty so I’m including a bunch of them here. I know people just scroll through this text for the pictures anyway so here goes:

If you happened to read Dena’s post you would know she was totally geeking out and tearing up the dance floor, pretty much right next to where I was taking photos. She seemed a little touched with enthusiasm (this is totally normal for her though) and I was disappointed this picture didn’t capture it that well. But as you can see someone is lounging in a chair behind her and that girl in the middle is standing directly in front of the stage and texting (who does that?). That other girl has cool socks though.

Oh but hey The Trimms were still playing!

Wow these guys put on a truly awesome show. There was fortunately a brief break afterward which gave my face some time to solidify only for even more righteous rock music delivered by Adrian and the Sickness, who came from Austin to get everyone SICK. By this point my face was smearing all over the back of my camera and it was awesome.

Fortunately I managed to recover from rock-induced illness because next up was 8e Tribe, a crazy sideshow act you might have seen Dena mention. Unfortunately I missed her stapling a dollar to someone’s face but I did get some great pictures of these guys. Enough to make you cringe. This one is from before a girl stood on his back and ground his face into the glass (owwie):

Inner thigh getting zapped with a stun gun (ouch owwie ouch):

Here’s a lucky volunteer’s butt getting zapped (oof ouch yikes):

Turns out these guys are not so great at darts (yikes):

Things got really interesting when the bed of nails was brought out (oof ouch yeesh):

Cantaloupe (this was probably my favorite part):

Except for the cinder block. Incidentally I just noticed the argyle tattoo on this guy’s shin…

Anyway the show would just not have been the same without their outstanding barker, who guided the crowd in their tour of pain:

At some point the staple guns got brought out and people were stapling dollars onto faces (and butts):

Heeeeeyyyyyyyy! This guy seemed to be enjoying himself but I wonder how he’d feel if the roles were reversed?

So that was 8e Tribe. Afterward I hung out on the front porch of Super Happy Fun Land and missed out on Bad Drugs perform (in their underwear) since I was getting schmoozy and boozy and really not paying attention to the time at all. Here’s a bonus picture of Dena and Dillon Trimm, who someone told me looks like Houston native and critically-acclaimed actress Shelley Duvall (an imaginative comparison):

And I’ll close this one off by including a picture of the author reflected in a bathroom mirror (because I am a ridiculous and vain man) and a promise to include some of the great shots I got at the Houston Free Thinker’s For the Community event which happened Saturday. For now it’s just way too nice of a day to sit here on my laptop blogging.

The week that was, and that which was did.

I’m sitting here in my kitchen, looking out the window and wondering if it will actually rain. I’ve been feeling led on by the weatherman lately because it seems that every storm passes right by without depositing more than a drop or two at my house. Fortunately I have a grilled sandwich and some yogurt to keep me going and get my brain in blog-writing mode.

My school week ends on Wednesday (whoopee) so I wasn’t able to do much before then. But after class my night began! First I stopped by Domy Books for the Mystic Crystal Revelations Movie Club presentation of “Daisies,” a Czech new wave film from 1966. If you aren’t familiar with the term “new wave” with regards to cinema, just imagine tripping on LSD. The movie was definitely a trip. Too hard to describe it here so I’ll just leave it at that.

Afterward I was in for a treat because Say Girl Say was playing again at the Jenner House! I also saw Days N’ Daze, and they just always put on an amazing show so yeah. Big ups to Jesse and everyone else who bring so much passion to every performance. Check out some photos I took!

Having fun with my zoom lens here.

Check out that cool shirt Brigette is wearing! I printed it. The illustration is not mine though. That honor belongs to Harry Clarke, who made a chilling series of woodcuts to illustrate a limited edition of Edgar Allan Poe’s stories. Maybe sometime I’ll do a blog post about how I screen print tee shirts (anyone reading this who actually knows how to make them will cringe though, I’m sure—I am somewhat haphazard in my methods). But yeah, then Days N’ Daze played. At some point Jesse asked people to take their shirts off, so good thing for bras… I do like to keep my blog decent.

As you can see people were really getting down with the music here. First time I saw Days N’ Daze was at Countercrawl, and they really blew me away. If you ever have a chance to check them out I can’t recommend it more. Last for Wednesday night, here’s a photo of the swing at Jenner House (this was obviously a good idea):

Yes that is Bryan getting slapped in the butt by Baltazar while hanging upside-down. See? I keep it decent.

On Thursday night, I helped out the amazing Jeff Hunter with the pilot for his new Local Live Radio program, Montrose Rock Revel. Also featured as guests were Sway Youngston, Shane Patrick Boyle, and Dillon Trimm (who is a rock star). I thought it would be fun to take my camera and I got some shots from inside the studio. Too bad most of them were out of focus (oops).

Here’s Jeff doing his thing. Not really sure why there’s a Hannibal Lector mask next to him. We chatted about the first Montrose Rock Revel (more to come, which is AWESOME) and after the show Shane gave me a limited edition copy of his zine Walkin’ Man! Cool. Check out a public Facebook album of pictures I took at the show here, or read about it on Dena and Makenzie’s inimitable blog, Pancho and Leftey (how could she forget?).

Also I got to meet Dillon Trimm, of The Trimms, who is a really cool guy and absolutely talented musician. I’m really looking forward to seeing them play at Super Happy Fun Land tonight (see you there!) but so far I have to settle for a live acoustic performance he gave to cap off the radio show.

Here he is behind the house Local Live Radio is at, in a photo that turned out particularly bad, (but thanks to Photoshop, I was able to rescue it). Cool dude, cool mural:

Afterward I stopped through UH to watch my friends play poker and shoot the shit with them for a little while.

Afterward I went to Avant Garden but for some reason I didn’t bring my camera along. Certainly a poor choice since I always seem to run into people when they’re at their best there. Shout out to Margee, by the way, for complimenting my grammar. Oh and an extra bonus quick snapshot of the long, lonely ride home to the suburbs:

Probably not the safest thing in the world but #YOLO right? Too bad I spend so much time driving alone, since for a while I’ve wanted someone to take me around just so I can get some shots of freeway action or scenic drives where I can actually look through the viewfinder of my camera without any risk of crashing. Ha.

Anyway, thanks faithful readers for checking out my latest post. This weekend is gonna be a good one and it will probably find me hunched over my laptop on Sunday, hung over and going through the hundreds of photos I took. See you at SHFL tonight! And check out the HFT FTC3 tomorrow, because it’s gonna rule! —pdub


Monday: or, last weekend sure was fun

Hopefully you are enjoying the lovely weather we’re having here in Houston. I am too, although my allergies are blowing up. Somewhere along the way this weekend I was going to write a blog post, but I had so much reading and sleep to catch up on it had to wait.

My first stop was First Friday, which Baltazar was kind enough to host. If you’re not in the know like us cool kids then you probably haven’t been to First Friday, since that’s really the only excuse for not going. Travis forms the nucleus of it but it’s pretty much a potluck barbeque with lots of game and generally sausage made from various woodland creatures. Once Travis wrapped a catfish in bacon and grilled that. It was awesome. I saw he mentioned on Facebook he’s hunting doves for next time, so if you want to eat them you should go. I took a few pictures and annoyed everyone with blinding flashes of light.

Oops, no flash there. That’s Travis. His beard is majestic although he claims he’s going to cut it all off soon (I told him I will no longer recognize him). Moving right along…

Apparently some bandolero stopped by.

Pretty sure there’s nothing illegal in this picture. Right? Right.

That’s Baltazar, who graciously hosted the potluck and treated us all to some good old hospitality. We had couches. OUTSIDE. BOOM.

By this point it was clear I was getting on people’s nerves with all of the camera flashes…

So I took another picture of myself in a bathroom mirror. What is wrong with me?

I was anxious to leave, though, because across town at the Jenner House my favoritest band ever-ever-ever was going to start soon. Say Girl Say! Check out their Bandcamp or look em up on Facebook. As it turns out, I got there just as the show was starting. Missed out on some of the earlier acts, though—Sandy Ewen and someone else played. There was a psychedelic slide projection thing going on too which provided a pretty cool effect. As you can see, there was a crowd of folks turned up.

I took like a phillion pictures of them playing and it’s hard to pick out my favorites but I’ll give it a shot.

As you can see they are two lovely ladies (and an equally lovely man who plays drums with them). And maybe you can tell from the photos that they are just amazing singers and songwriters. I try to catch every show of theirs because I’m totally hooked on their music.

After their set ended I wandered around, sipping on wine and getting silly. That’s okay though because everyone else was too. There was a bottle of vodka or something being passed around. Oh also I gave my camera to someone else but I really don’t remember who. Oddly enough I’ve done that before at Jenner House… Anyway they did a good job.

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What is my problem? I dunno but that was all for Friday night. On Saturday I visited the Ruth HAUS, which is a coop that a few of my friends are living in. That includes Dena, who runs my sister blog with her best friend Makenzie. Early on Saturday at the coop there was a bunch of work done outside and they made a garden. It was pretty dark though so I couldn’t tell what else they did. In any case, it was enough of an excuse for David to throw a little get together to celebrate and I was more than happy to drop by and take lots of photos and blind people with my flash (this is one of the many subtle pleasures of photography). Also I stepped on a nail but it turned out okay because I somehow managed to avoid piercing my foot (thanks, catlike reflexes). No stigmata for me!

This is Jason from his good side because he got a nasty strawberry on his temple falling from his bike.

That’s David cheerily explaining the demise of GG Allin. His exact words at this moment were “Then he did heroin, laid down in an alley and died.” Fun!

I think Dena is making this face because I was doing my arm trick (hopefully she got a good picture of it and will put it on her blog!) or because I surprised her with the flash, but that look of disgust probably means it was the arm trick.

Oh and this is Scott telling a story about how he faked having cerebral palsy to get to the front of line to visit his cousin in prison on Christmas.

Here’s Matt posing with my awesome battle hat. This may be one of the best pictures I’ve ever taken. From what I understand he had a date with some whiskey at the Railyard, which I’m sure sooner or later will feature on my blog. In any case, I ran into him the next night at Warhous for their Bill Murray art party. If you haven’t heard, there was an Internet hoax a while ago that claimed Bill Murray was going to tour the country, crashing random parties. That was enough for Warhouse to have a Bill-Murray-themed pop art show, which was kinda cool but overshadowed by the arrival of Go Real Ah Soul, who are, in fact, PROFESSIONAL party crashers. How cool is that? The dude in the panda suit is DJ One One and the guy with the bullhorn is, well, I forgot his name but he is truly awesome. Also he rolled up in a police car with the lights flashing.

“Y’all wanted Bill Murray to crash this party? Well, fuck that!”

Note the laser lights on the ground. Anyway seeing these guys was definitely worth coming out to Warhous, which is crowded and extra stuffy. Made me feel good about the lack of reading I got done on Sunday. Speaking of which, how about those Texans? But that’s another story entirely. Time to eat lunch and then hit class. —pdub

Obligatory Second Post, or: Parks By You and LOVE Horse

Wow. I had a blast yesterday doing stuff (as I do). First up was the Parks By You First Thursday Block Party. If you haven’t heard of these guys, check ‘em out. I don’t live in Houston officially (this is a minor geographic detail) but it’s still my home. Parks By You, besides having a clever pun in their name, is pushing Prop B on the November ballot, which will allocate lots of money to parks and develop a greenbelt type park system around all of the bayous in Houston. Obviously it’s a good idea. Anyway it was clear these guys know how to throw a party! Check the photos I took:

This was part of an artwork called “Hanging Gardens” by Lorena Morales. It was installed in a lot where Karbach was giving out free beer (shoulda brought more guys). There was a DJ playing in one corner and he was pretty much getting no love so I thought I’d take his photo:

Pretty cool setup but people didn’t really seem in the mood to dance. Maybe it was too early in the day, too hot outside, I dunno. I drank two beers pretty quickly because I didn’t want to miss out and you weren’t supposed to leave the lot with them. But once I was done I went across the street to check out Clory Martin playing. She’s a singer-songwriter with a lot of talent!

At this point dusk was coming on strong and I wanted to check out Luke Lukas so I headed down the street to the Continental Club. That’s where I saw Beetle (they’re a Beatles cover band—no surprise there) on stage.

So, afterward I headed out back to the “Pachinko Hut” or whatever they call it. There were no pachinko machines evident and for some reason out back it says ELVIS in Christmas lights on the wall. Whatever. Luke has a really cool sound and he likes to use looping pedals a lot. He performed one song called “Sexy Momma” and another called “Left Wing Blues” or something to that effect. I wrote those down so I wouldn’t forget.

Eventually Clory joined Luke on stage and that got the crowd moving!

All good things must come to an end, but fortunately there were more good things happening at Avant Garden, which was my next stop. My friend Kristen sings in a totally sweet band called LOVE Horse, more info

and Disfrutalo also played (I completely missed their set schmoozing with people outside though). First I got a torta though from the food truck that is a fixture in Avant Garden’s parking lot. Yum!

So, chowed down on that and took advantage of dollar cocktail night (or should I say dollar cocktail night took advantage of me?), then wandered upstairs to see the show! That’s Kristen with the unicorn horn (you’d have to ask her because I have no idea why). As you can tell the crowd was totally digging their set. Without further comment:


Following this, I vigorously continued my descent into a drunken stupor (ha just kidding, but yeah dollar cocktails). Outside, I ran into a few people I have met in my travels in this thing called life. Here’s Reagan, who I met once at the Green Hour (now Ponderosa) a few years ago just before she moved to Austin to start at St. Edwards. We’re Facebook friends though so it’s sort of like we’ve known each other for years. Why didn’t anyone tell me my sticker was upside-down? I just noticed that now. Also: drunkface online.

I think the dude in the middle is named Tim.

This is Omar and his SO. Once I went to their apartment and my ex got really drunk and passed out on their bathroom floor.

And the infamous Stan Le, who I think had a show that night (or maybe it’s tonight) but I didn’t actually see it.

Okay I’m getting hungry and I badly need a shower and there are a few other things that I can’t do at the same time, so I’ll leave you with a photo of yours truly. In case you were wondering, I invariably take pictures of myself in bathroom mirrors, if I’m alone enough (don’t wanna weird anyone out with the shutter noise). See you at Jenner House tonight for Say Girl Say! If you miss it you can catch up on all the dirty details here I’m sure…

And on a final note I heard the sad news this morning that a good friend of mine from high school died yesterday. Chris Sester, you leave me with a lot of good memories and laughs. Rest in peace.