In which Houston Gets Sick

So, last Friday saw me at another awesome show that the incomparable Jeff Hunter invited me out to. It was sort of a compliment to Montrose Rock Revel I guess. Anyway I showed up to Super Happy Fun Land a little early and had to wait for a while before the show started but it was worth it. If you’ve never been to Super Happy Fun Land y’all should check it out sometime. It’s pretty funky but in a good way. Check out what Dena had to say about it on my indispensable sister blog. I don’t know what the story was with the bubbles but David (happy birthday again) was not enthusiastic about getting his picture taken with them at all so I had to settle for this one of Jennifer Beals, who made an unexpected appearance before the show.

Ha ha just kidding! It’s actually Makenzie (AKA “Leftey” for those of you keeping score). I was not very interested in bubbling though since tonight The Trimms were playing! Unfortunately I missed them at the Revel back in August but last week I was fortunate enough to meet their frontman Dillon, who is a particularly awesome dude overall. They were scheduled to come on first so I wandered in and got some photos and two earfuls of solid face melting. These guys are the real deal. If you haven’t gotten the chance to see them I really recommend you do so. Otherwise you need to see a therapist. I took a gazillion pictures and the lights were so pretty so I’m including a bunch of them here. I know people just scroll through this text for the pictures anyway so here goes:

If you happened to read Dena’s post you would know she was totally geeking out and tearing up the dance floor, pretty much right next to where I was taking photos. She seemed a little touched with enthusiasm (this is totally normal for her though) and I was disappointed this picture didn’t capture it that well. But as you can see someone is lounging in a chair behind her and that girl in the middle is standing directly in front of the stage and texting (who does that?). That other girl has cool socks though.

Oh but hey The Trimms were still playing!

Wow these guys put on a truly awesome show. There was fortunately a brief break afterward which gave my face some time to solidify only for even more righteous rock music delivered by Adrian and the Sickness, who came from Austin to get everyone SICK. By this point my face was smearing all over the back of my camera and it was awesome.

Fortunately I managed to recover from rock-induced illness because next up was 8e Tribe, a crazy sideshow act you might have seen Dena mention. Unfortunately I missed her stapling a dollar to someone’s face but I did get some great pictures of these guys. Enough to make you cringe. This one is from before a girl stood on his back and ground his face into the glass (owwie):

Inner thigh getting zapped with a stun gun (ouch owwie ouch):

Here’s a lucky volunteer’s butt getting zapped (oof ouch yikes):

Turns out these guys are not so great at darts (yikes):

Things got really interesting when the bed of nails was brought out (oof ouch yeesh):

Cantaloupe (this was probably my favorite part):

Except for the cinder block. Incidentally I just noticed the argyle tattoo on this guy’s shin…

Anyway the show would just not have been the same without their outstanding barker, who guided the crowd in their tour of pain:

At some point the staple guns got brought out and people were stapling dollars onto faces (and butts):

Heeeeeyyyyyyyy! This guy seemed to be enjoying himself but I wonder how he’d feel if the roles were reversed?

So that was 8e Tribe. Afterward I hung out on the front porch of Super Happy Fun Land and missed out on Bad Drugs perform (in their underwear) since I was getting schmoozy and boozy and really not paying attention to the time at all. Here’s a bonus picture of Dena and Dillon Trimm, who someone told me looks like Houston native and critically-acclaimed actress Shelley Duvall (an imaginative comparison):

And I’ll close this one off by including a picture of the author reflected in a bathroom mirror (because I am a ridiculous and vain man) and a promise to include some of the great shots I got at the Houston Free Thinker’s For the Community event which happened Saturday. For now it’s just way too nice of a day to sit here on my laptop blogging.

One thought on “In which Houston Gets Sick

  1. i LOVED this post. you’re pictures never cease to amaze me. you’re a truly talented photographer AND comedian. thanks for the laughs.

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